preview — Faces

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trailer — Beautiful Dreamer

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preview — Room 101

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preview — You’ll Be Sorry

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preview —  The Last Temptation of Joel Osteen

Martin Scorsese meets Joel Osteen

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preview —  Straight Down the Line

A Trip Through Fifteen Dark Films

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Trailer — The Angel Who Guards You

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YouTube Playlist

I have over 150 music videos on YouTube. Each video was made with films I love and songs that I think go well with them. Please check them out!

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preview — Now’s the Time

A Short Trip Through Six Martin Scorsese Films

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preview — Midnight, the Stars and You

A Trip Through 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Shining

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Martin Scorsese’s Otello

A Film Opera in Twelve Acts

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Trailer — It’s All Forgotten Now

An Encounter with a Quartet of Stanley Kubrick Films

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Trailer — Two Kinds of Pain

A Trip Through Six Martin Scorsese Films

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preview — These Are Personal Matters

A Trip Through Four Coen Brothers Films

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Trailer — We’ll Meet Again

A Trip Through the Films of Stanley Kubrick

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Preview — A World of Inconvenience

Exploring Seven Paul Thomas Anderson Films

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Trailer — Quincy Punk Rock: It’s Your Decision

Quincy: “Next Stop, Nowhere”
Rock: It’s Your Decision

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Jennifer, the Three-Legged WonderCat

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