Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

an occasional series

Part 1

“It was all normal”

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Part 2

“Rock ‘N’ Roll Damnation”

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Part 3

“Some Mexican weed”

Part 4

“Left Behind”

Part 5


Part 6

“about this time tomorrow evening”

Part 7

“somebody’s killed father”

Part 8

“muzzled by army brass”

Part 9

“the fountains of waters”

Part 10

“live homicide”

Part 11

“you can go first”

Part 12

“pretty good for local talent”

Part 13

“I like to start with something funny”

Part 14

“and it’s a beautiful day

Part 15

“a man without dreams

Part 16

“a little risk

Part 17

“to ponder the proud boast

Part 18

“unstuck in time

Part 19

“autobiography of a world savior

Part 20

“odds and ends

Part 21

“the reality of dreams

Part 22

“in a kingdom by the sea

Part 23

“behold the coagula

Part 24

“like you or your neighbor

Part 25

“coming soon

Part 26

“occasionally, not often

Part 27

“the old game

Part 28

“Pull the String!

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