NRA Stupid




The NRA is full of ivermectin and horse-piss. Its scum-sucking leader Wayne LaPierre is a thoroughly loathsome and utterly repulsive pile of inhumane shit. He’s a sadistic man who cruelly and ineptly slowly KILLS a gorgeous, stately and WONDERFUL ELEPHANT just for personal kicks — just for the tiny, sadistic and repulsive high he hopes to feel in his own twisted, sick and repugnant psyche.

What great fun! Why not bring your wife along and pay to have the whole goddamned thing videotaped for posterity?! Who wouldn’t want to relive such horrid and ghastly sadistic cruelty?

This unthinkably pointless killing LaPierre “accomplished” by employing a powerful scoped rifle at ridiculously close range, while still — amazingly — managing to somehow bungle the heinously sadistic job!

The wonderful elephant, a massive, beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, sensitive and ultimately helpless creature, died slowly at this scumbag’s cruel, merciless and pathetic hands. For shame, Wayne LaPierre! You sick piece of repulsive shit.

But LaPierre doesn’t stop with his hideous and bloodthirsty senseless cruelty for majestic and wonderful animals. His most calculated and blood-soaked cruelty is reserved for the thousands upon thousands of his unsuspecting, helpless and innocent HUMAN VICTIMS.

That countless toll of human victims will be the eternal legacy of this sick, twisted fuck.

For all of Wayne LaPierre’s premeditated, merciless, twisted and loathsome cruelty, this scum richly deserves to go directly to hell, and that’s where he should simmer, burn, stew and fry for a really really long time.

LaPierre is nothing but a blood-sucking, venomuous parasite — so of course he lives off the life-blood of innocent (and frequently young) blameless victims. Fucker. He’s all full of blood.

Fuck you, Wayne “Morticia” LaPierre!


Wayne LaPierre is not only a sick sociopathic fucker — he’s also an incredibly incompetent hunter. Fuckwad.