Music Videos

“Thinkin Bout You”

Laura Jean Anderson / Tay Garnett

The Postman Always Rings Twice

“Rumour Has It”

Adele / David Lynch

Blue Velvet

“Where Is My Mind”

Maxence  Cyrin / US Supreme Court Justice “Lyin’ Brett” Kavanaugh

“I Liked Beer (I Still Like Beer)”

“Cow Cow Boogie”

The Ink Spots & Ella Fitzgerald / Coen brothers

The Big Lebowski

“Soft Stud”

Black Belt Eagle Scout / Paul Thomas Anderson

Inherent Vice

“Virtual Insanity”

Jamiroquai / Coen brothers

Burn After Reading

“Rock Bottom Riser”

Smog / Paul Thomas Anderson

Phantom Thread


Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, Trent Reznor / Martin Scorsese

Cape Fear (1991)

“Here (Peel Session)”

Tindersticks / Coen brothers

Blood Simple

“God Only Knows”

She & Him / Paul Thomas Anderson

PT Anderson films

“L.E.S. Artistes”

Santigold / Jordan Peele

Get Out

“Someone Saved My Life Tonight”

Elton John / Paul Thomas Anderson 

PT Anderson films

“The Guitar Man”

Cake / Charles Laughton

The Night of the Hunter

“Instant Crush”

Daft Punk / Orson Welles

Touch of Evil

“Where Is My Mind”

Maxence  Cyrin / Bill O’Reilly

“F*cking Thing Sucks!”

“Rock Bottom Riser”

Smog / Bennett Miller



Elvis Costello / Edward Dmytryk


“Howlin’ For You”

The Black Keys / Steven Spielberg


“The Power of Love”

Huey Lewis & The News / Mary Harron

American Psycho


Matthew Sweet / Napoleon Dynamite

“He Was A Friend Of Mine”

Willie Nelson / Brokeback Mountain

“Will Do”

TV On The Radio / Romeo + Juliet

“Father To A Sister Of A Thought”

Pavement / Bottle Rocket

“Root Down”

Beastie Boys (Free Zone Remix) / The Warriors

Max Fischer’s “Mountain Song”

Jane’s Addiction / Rushmore

“Crossbones Style”

Cat Power / Romeo + Juliet

“Aneurysm” Karina

Nirvana / photos of Anna Karina

“Seven Nation Army”

The White Stripes / Dawn of the Dead

more dawn of the dead + music videos

“Run Rabbit Run”

Flanagan & Allen / Get Out & The Shining

“Creep” of the Beholder

Radiohead / The Twilight Zone: “Eye of the Beholder”

Jennifer, the Three-Legged WonderCat