Music Videos Blocked on YouTube

eye of the beholder / “creep”

The twilight zone / radiohead

anna karina / “where teardrops fall”

jean-luc godard / bob dylan 

Dark Films / “Lonely Boy”

The black keys

anna karina / “fire”

jean-luc godard / the jimi hendrix experience

pierrot le fou / “ball and biscuit”

jean-luc godard / the white stripes

anna karina / “tight connection to my heart (Has Anyone seen my love)”

jean-luc godard / bob dylan

Goodfellas / “Jump Into The Fire”

Martin Scorsese / Nilsson

anna karina / “girl from the north country”

Jean-luc godard / bob dylan

Dark Films / “gold on the ceiling”

The black keys

anna karina / “little wing”

jean-luc godard / the jimi hendrix experience

full metal jacket / “clean cut kid”

stanley kubrick / bob dylan

Dawn of the dead / “five years”

george a. romero / david bowie

anna karina / “tomorrow is a long time”

jean-luc godard / bob dylan

Paul Thomas Anderson Films / “Hold Me” 

Fleetwood Mac

anna karina / “oh, sister” 

jean-luc godard / bob dylan

Raising Arizona / “Young Folks”

Coen brothers / Peter Bjorn And John

anna karina / “corina, corina”

jean-luc godard / bob dylan

Stanley Kubrick Films / “Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing” 

Chris Isaak

 anna karina / “heartbreaker” “Living loving maid (she’s just a Woman)”

jean-luc godard / led zeppelin

goodfellas / “Sympathy For The Devil” 

martin scorsese / The Rolling Stones

anna karina / “sara”

jean-luc godard / fleetwood mac

Paul Thomas Anderson Films / “Harvest Moon” 

Neil Young

 Anna Karina / “D’yer mak’er” 

jean-luc godard / led zeppelin

Catch Me If You Can / “Moondance” 

Steven Spielberg / Van Morrison

anna karina / “jealous guy” 

jean-luc godard / john lennon

The Big Lebowski / “The Man In Me” 

Coen brothers / Bob Dylan

anna karina / “love” 

jean-luc godard / john lennon

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind/ “Into The Mystic” 

Michel Gondry / Van Morrison

anna karina/ “why don’t we do it in the road?” 

jean-luc godard / the beatles

Dark Films / “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”


anna karina / “take me with u”

jean-luc godard / prince

Martin Scorsese Films / “Going Up The Country” 

Canned Heat

anna karina / “build me up buttercup” 

Jean-Luc Godard / the foundations

walk the line / “hurt” 

james mangold / johnny cash

anna karina / “she belongs to me” 

Jean-Luc Godard / bob dylan

Martin Scorsese Films / “Rock Bottom Riser” 


anna karina / “julia” 

jean-luc godard / the beatles

Paul Thomas Anderson Films / “Dreams” 

Fleetwood Mac

 anna karina / “just you ‘n’ me” 

jean-luc godard / chicago

Blue Velvet / “Wicked Game”

David Lynch / Chris Isaak

anna karina / “if i needed someone”

jean-luc godard / the beatles

The Wicker Man/ “If You Could Read My Mind” 

Robin Hardy / Johnny Cash

The Shining/ “Yer Blues” 

Stanley Kubrick / The Beatles

Martin Scorsese Films / “Gotta Serve Somebody” 

Bob Dylan

anna karina / “Apple blossom”

jean-luc godard / the white stripes

Natural Born Killers/ “Ted, Just Admit It” 

Oliver Stone / Jane’s Addiction

I Shot Andy Warhol / “Positively 4th Street” 

Mary Harron / Bob Dylan

anna karina / “let’s get it on” 

jean-luc godard / marvin gaye

Phantom Thread/ “Rock Bottom Riser” 

Paul Thomas Anderson / Smog

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