Mashups & Audio Mixes

Smells Like Teen Royals

Lorde vs. Nirvana

Lebanese Lady

Thievery Corporation vs. Bob Dylan

Sabotage, Ms. Jackson

Beastie Boys vs. Outkast

sunshine of your text to speech

cream / WIkipedia

Bleeding Heart 61

Jimi Hendrix vs. Bob Dylan

That Fateful Day

The White Stripes
Plan 9 From Outer Space

Emotional Chelsea (Travis Bickle Mix)

Elvis Costello vs. The Rolling Stones
Taxi Driver

How Soon Is Paper Planes?

The Smiths vs. M.I.A.

A Normal Choice (It Must Clad Normal)

Ed Young / George W. Bush / Linda Tripp / Carl Castle / ‘Slurpee Boy’

Waitin’ For God’s Lonely Man

Iron and Wine
Taxi Driver

Captain Of The Town

William S. Burroughs and The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy vs. Ritchie Valens

What’s It Worth?

Buffalo Springfield vs. Rudy Vallee / William S. Burroughs / Patsy Cline / Willie Nelson / Elton John / Neil Young / The Flaming Lips / ZZ Top / Ritchie Valens / Chicago / Outkast

Sappy Together

Nirvana vs. Chicago / Al Green / The Rolling Stones

Rock ‘N’ Roll Loser

Led Zeppelin vs. The Flaming Lips / Beck / The Rolling Stones

Poignant And Different

The Rolling Stones vs. Rudy Vallee / ZZ Top / Prince / Bob Dylan And The Band / ACDC / Robert Johnson / Nirvana

Ramble On, Ms. Jackson

Outkast vs. Led Zeppelin / Led Zeppelin vs. Outkast

Foxey Psychiatrist

Jimi Hendrix vs. The Avalanches

Stairway To Loser (And I Feel Fine)

Beck vs. REM / Led Zeppelin
No Country For Old Men

Kiss Your Haircut

Prince: “Kiss (Extended Version)”
Pavement / William S. Burroughs / The Guess Who / Kurt Vile / Gary Numan / My Morning Jacket / Elton John / REM / Tortoise And Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy / Chicago / Bob Dylan / Dinah Washington / ZZ Top / Hall And Oates / Hank Williams / The Rolling Stones / The Beatles / Starflyer 59 / Otis Redding / Bob Dylan And The Band / The Cure

Wicked Stardust

Chris Isaak vs. David Bowie

A Fucking Dog Dying

Casey Kasem

Smells Like Island In The Sun

Weezer vs. Nirvana

It’s All Over Now, Baby Debra

Beck vs. Them

Ms. Stardust

Outkast vs. David Bowie

Lake Of Pimpin

Kurt Vile vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Nirvana / Meat Puppets

Another One Bites The E-Pro

Beck vs. Queen

Crazy Shaped Box

Gnarls Barkley vs. Nirvana

The Haircut Song

Beck vs. Pavement

Voodooism Sorbet

Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs. Led Zeppelin / Nirvana / M.I.A. / Beck
Zombie / American Psycho

Ziggy And Friends

David Bowie vs. Outkast / Ritchie Valens / Iron And Wine / ZZ Top / Them

Unseen Power Of The Heart Shaped Box

Nirvana vs. Pavement

I Liked Beer (I Still Like Beer)

Maxence Cyrin
Brett Kavanaugh / Sheldon Whitehouse / Rachel Mitchell / Amy Klobuchar / Chuck Grassley / John Kennedy