Mashups & Audio Mixes

Mashups & Audio Mixes

Smells Like Teen Royals

Lorde vs. Nirvana

Lebanese Lady

Thievery Corporation vs. Bob Dylan

Sabotage, Ms. Jackson

Beastie Boys vs. Outkast

sunshine of your text to speech

cream / WIkipedia

Bleeding Heart 61

Jimi Hendrix vs. Bob Dylan

That Fateful Day

The White Stripes
Plan 9 From Outer Space

Emotional Chelsea (Travis Bickle Mix)

Elvis Costello vs. The Rolling Stones
Taxi Driver

How Soon Is Paper Planes?

The Smiths vs. M.I.A.

A Normal Choice (It Must Clad Normal)

Ed Young / George W. Bush / Linda Tripp / Carl Castle / ‘Slurpee Boy’

Rock ‘N’ Roll Loser

Led Zeppelin vs. The Flaming Lips / Beck / The Rolling Stones

Poignant And Different

The Rolling Stones vs. Rudy Vallee / ZZ Top / Prince / Bob Dylan And The Band / ACDC / Robert Johnson / Nirvana

Ramble On, Ms. Jackson

Outkast vs. Led Zeppelin / Led Zeppelin vs. Outkast

Stairway To Loser (And I Feel Fine)

Beck vs. REM / Led Zeppelin
No Country For Old Men

Kiss Your Haircut

Prince: “Kiss (Extended Version)”
Pavement / William S. Burroughs / The Guess Who / Kurt Vile / Gary Numan / My Morning Jacket / Elton John / REM / Tortoise And Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy / Chicago / Bob Dylan / Dinah Washington / ZZ Top / Hall And Oates / Hank Williams / The Rolling Stones / The Beatles / Starflyer 59 / Otis Redding / Bob Dylan And The Band / The Cure

Wicked Stardust

Chris Isaak vs. David Bowie

A Fucking Dog Dying

Casey Kasem

Ms. Stardust

Outkast vs. David Bowie

Lake Of Pimpin

Kurt Vile vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Nirvana / Meat Puppets

Another One Bites The E-Pro

Beck vs. Queen

Crazy Shaped Box

Gnarls Barkley vs. Nirvana

The Haircut Song

Beck vs. Pavement

Voodooism Sorbet

Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs. Led Zeppelin / Nirvana / M.I.A. / Beck
Zombie / American Psycho

Unseen Power Of The Heart Shaped Box

Nirvana vs. Pavement

I Liked Beer (I Still Like Beer)

Maxence Cyrin
Brett Kavanaugh / Sheldon Whitehouse / Rachel Mitchell / Amy Klobuchar / Chuck Grassley / John Kennedy